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Slip and fall accidents are often mistakenly thought of as minor incidents that injure nothing beyond a victim’s pride. This is simply not the case. Slips and falls can cause dramatic injuries. Workers on dangerous job sites might face the risk of falling many stories. Child victims might be paralyzed for life as a result of a serious fall. Elderly victims might be forced to move into an assisted living facility as a result of another person’s negligence. And ultimately, the risk of death is climbing among New York fall victims. The New York Department of Health reports that the rate of fall-related deaths among victims 65 and older increased by more than 33 percent between 2000 and 2014. This suggests that it is more important than ever to identify the causes of falls and hold defendants liable for negligence that endangers all New Yorkers.

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Who is Liable for Causing a Slip and Fall Injury?

Unlike car accidents, there are not always clear rules that apply to fault for slip and fall accidents. In general, landowners have a duty to act with reasonable prudence. The exact definition of “reasonable prudence” varies depending on whether you are a private landowner or a shopkeeper, but the general rule is that landowners cannot unreasonably endanger those who come onto their land. Others might also be liable for a slip or fall injury, including:

  • A hospital that provides mobility assistance for a patient recovering from a surgical procedure.
  • A nursing home that provides specific mobility and care services for patients who are unable to move freely on their own.
  • A bike rider or pedestrian who negligently crashes into another pedestrian, causing him or her to fall.
  • An employer that provides unsafe working conditions or inadequate training to an employee who is injured in a fall.
  • A government entity that negligently fails to clear roads of ice or other dangerous conditions after being warned of danger to the public.
  • A pharmaceutical company that negligently manufacturers a medication with a known side effect of extreme dizziness and vertigo, and fails to warn doctors and patients of this risk.

These are just some of the many legal entities that could potentially face liability for causing a slip and fall accident. The defendants liable for your injuries will depend upon the unique facts and circumstances of your particular case. It is, therefore, important for all slip and fall victims to consult with an experienced attorney about their specific case.

Increased Risks for Elderly New Yorkers

Slips and fall accidents have long been known to be especially dangerous for elderly victims. They often cause complications that younger victims are able to avoid, such as:

  • Hospital-acquired infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Exacerbation of pre-existing conditions (such as osteoporosis)
  • Increased risk of secondary injuries (such as a traumatic brain injury)
  • Urinary tract infections associated with catheter use
  • Dehydration, pressure ulcers, hypothermia, and other complications of being unable to get up for an extended period of time

Perhaps most devastating of all, falls often render an elderly victim unable to live independently. Even the basic limits on mobility can be enough to force an elderly fall victim from his or her home in order to access full-time nursing care and assistance. This change can be devastating - especially when it was caused by the negligence of another person. The good news is that more research is focusing on this problem as the Baby Boomer population ages. Now, more than ever, research is uncovering more information about patterns of falls sustained by elderly victims. This allows local, state, and federal health agencies to make recommendations that can reduce the risk of falls and protect senior citizens. By working together, public health officials, families, and individuals can make changes that effectively reduce the risk of falls among elderly New Yorkers.

Unfortunately, some individuals and companies choose not to make these important changes unless they are forced to. This is why it is so important to hold negligent defendants accountable for the economic and non-economic losses they cause. When the negligence of a driver, hospital, nursing facility, or landowner causes a loss of enjoyment of life, the defendant is legally responsible for compensating that loss. In the case of a forced move from independent to assisted living, the value of this loss is significant. There will be many activities the victim may no longer be able to enjoy, such as shopping, exercising, holding grandchildren. These activities are an important part of life. A defendant who takes them away is liable for compensating that loss. An experienced attorney can help elderly fall victims and their families both recover the compensation the law provides them and hold defendants accountable for making changes to reduce the risk of fall to potential future injury victims.

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